Edwards EST RZI16-2RS

Remote Zone Interface Module

Condition: New
Brand: Edwards, EST
Status: Active
SKU: 7145
Manufacturer Part #: RZI16-2RS


The RZI16-2RS Addressable Remote Zone Interface Module is an addressable device that provides connections for sixteen Class B Initiating Device Circuits and two Class B Supervised Output Circuits. The inputs and outputs can be configured individually for several device types.

The device address is set using the two rotary switches located on the front of the module. The RZI16-2RS requires 18 consecutive addresses on the Signaling Line Circuit (SLC).

The RZI16-2RS incorporates two 8-segment DIP switches that are used to select the Alarm or Supervisory default device type for each of the 16 IDC circuits. The module also includes one 4-segment DIP switch used to select the default Relay or NAC output device type. Device types other than the default are accomplished through programming.

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