Edwards EST SIGA-MP1


Signature Module Mounting Plate, 1 Footprint

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The SIGA-MP1 is a mounting plate which allows for installation of four (4) SIGA-CC1’s, SIGA-CC2’s., or SIGA-UM’s (larger modules) or eight (8) CT-1’s, CT-2’s, SIGA-CR’s, SIGA-MM1’s, or SIGA-WTM’s (smaller modules). Any combination of the SIGA modules can be mounted on the SIGA-MP1. The SIGA-MP1 is a flat aluminum plate which mounts in EST’s standard equipment enclosures. (Refer to the Network Hardware Technical Reference Manual Vol. 1 for information on equipment enclosures.) The plate can be mounted in any standard full footprint OPTION module position in the enclosure. The SIGA-MP1 removes the need for gang boxes and provides the ease of mounting needed equipment in a common enclosure.


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