Intelligent Multisensor Smoke and Heat Detector

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The Signature Optica Series SIGA-OSHD smoke detector brings advanced optical sensing technology to a practical design that increases efficiency, saves installation time, cuts costs, and extends life safety and property protection capabilities. Continuous self-diagnostics ensure reliability over the long-haul, while environmental compensation helps reduce maintenance costs.

The SIGA-OSHD provides an optical smoke sensor and a rate-of-rise heat sensor with a fixed temperature setting. Together these sensors efficiently detect smoldering fires, as well as fast flaming fires.

Like all Signature Optica Series detectors, the SIGA-OSHD is an intelligent device that gathers analog information from multiple optical sensors, converting this data into digital signals. Utilizing dual optical wavelengths combined with multiple detection angles, the SIGA-OSHD differentiates particles that are not representative of actual smoke. Particle data is input into digital filters which feed a series of ratios removing signal patterns that are typical of nuisance sources, thus reducing unwanted alarms. To make an alarm decision, the detector’s on-board microprocessor measures and analyzes all optical sensor readings and compares this information to preprogrammed settings.


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Intelligent Multisensor Smoke. and Heat Detector; SIGA-OSHD
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