Edwards Signaling 279B-1110


Double Action Pull Station, Wire Leads, Single Pole Alarm Contact, Open Circuit, Tool Operated Reset, General Alarm Contacts, UL Listed, FM Approved

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The Edwards Cat. No. 278B/279B series noncoded fire alarm stations are contemporary styled Lexan stations and are flexibly designed to meet a wide variety of application requirements and operational sequences.

The Cat. No. 278B series are double action stations with terminals for field wiring connections.

The Cat. No. 279B series are double action stations with six inch (150mm) wire leads for field wiring connections.

All types are available with single or double pole alarm contacts which can be normally open, normally closed or a combination of both. Either a key or tool (depending on station selected) is required to reset mechanism. Where a manual station is installed on a circuit that also includes smoke detectors, a resistor may be added in series with the alarm initiating contacts on the station so the operation of the station does not extinguish alarm LEDs on operated detectors. The Cat. No’s. 276-R and 276-RT series resistor kits permit field installation of the series resistor on applicable stations.

For semi flush mounting use a standard North-American four inch square box with a single gang plaster cover having an overall minimum depth of 2-1/4 inch (57mm). For surface mounting use a Cat. No. 276B-RSB surface back box.

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Weight 0.3 lbs




Contact Configuration

Single Pole


Semi Flush, Surface


Break-Glass, Dual-Action


Terminal Type

Wire Leads




Production Status



  • Double action models
  • Single or double pole contacts
  • Terminals or wire leads for field connections
  • Key lock or tool reset
  • Break glass operation
  • Surface or semi flush mounting
  • Red finish
  • Contemporary styling
  • Rugged LEXAN construction
  • Latch action until reset


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