Edwards Signaling ANSZM4B2A

Zone Splitter Module

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The ANSZM4B2A Zone Splitter Module is used to enable the output of the ANS25, ANS50 or ANS100 to be split into multiple circuits for audio power distribution. The module accepts input from the ANS speaker output and utilizes output relays to distribute the power to separate circuits. The module may be cascaded to increase the number of circuits, and provides supervision of the individual circuits for either open or short conditions. Indicator LEDs display active or fault conditions for the individual circuits. A fault condition is reported to the ANS via the I2C communication port. The Zone Splitter Module may also be used with legacy ANS models, but in these cases supervision must employ TB2 Terminals 10 – 11 as a supervisory input.

If Manual control of the circuits is required, an ANSSW8 must be employed. Zones may then be selected manually by switches or through pull-down inputs. In the event of an alarm condition, the module defaults to an All-Call. All-Call feature may only be overridden if accompanying panel has zone control features.

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