Edwards Signaling SD-CJ


Duct Detector, Controller Only, RJ45

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Brand: Edwards Signaling FireAlarm.com Part #: 7183 Categories: , , Manufacturer Part #: SD-CJ


Edwards SuperDuct smoke detectors are the most advanced and most reliable devices in their class. Designed for easy installation and superb reliability, SuperDuct represents the perfect balance of practical design and advanced technology.

Reliability and stability are two features built into every SuperDuct detector. SuperDuct features environmental compensation with patented differential sensing. This achieves a level of stability and reliability never before achieved for devices of this type. With differential sensing, SuperDuct sensors are immune from sensitivity drift – a common cause of false alarms. Every eight minutes the SuperDuct sensor checks its environment for dirt, humidity other conditions that normally interfere with sensor operation, and automatically adjusts its sensitivity to compensate. The result is unparalleled reliability and rock solid stability – two features essential to any duct smoke detection application.

Sensitivity testing and diagnostics reveal some of the most exciting innovations built into SuperDuct. With the ingenious SuperDuct remote test station, a sensitivity test can be performed at any time from the safety and comfort of a maintenance office or utility room. Operated either by key or by magnet, the one-gang station also performs alarm tests for detectors connected to a single controller. Detectors may also be tested at the controller via a test switch, or they can be tested individually in the field with a simple-to-operate magnetic test tool. Access to the magnetic reed switch does not require the detector cover to be removed, so testing can be performed quickly and easily.

A dedicated dirty/trouble LED on each unit offers immediate at-a-glance information even when the cover is closed.



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Edwards Signaling

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Four-wire Duct Smoke Detector; SD-4WJ

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