Faraday 8811


Addressable Photoelectric/Thermal Detector

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Brand: Faraday FireAlarm.com Part #: 8438 Categories: , , Manufacturer Part #: 8811


The 8810 and 8811 are plug-in, two-wire photoelectric detectors, compatible with Faraday’s MPC-Plus systems. Each detector consists of a dust resistant, field serviceable photo chamber, microprocessor based electronic circuitry with plastic cover and base. Electronic component packaging uses surface mount type technology. The entire electronic assembly is fully protected from noise transients by shielding and is coated to resist moisture and corrosion.


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  • On-Board Motorola microprocessor based design
  • Provides high speed, fault tolerant system/detector communications
  • Highly resistant to RFI, EMI and humidity
  • Remote sensitivity adjustment and measurement capability
  • Field cleanable chamber with replaceable chamber parts available
  • Optional 135° thermal (model 8811)
  • Multi-color detector status LED
  • Two-wire operation
  • Compatible with 8820 field programmer/tester
  • Optional fully programmable relay base, audible base, and duct housing
  • Self testing diagnostics
  • UL Listed and CSFM & NYMEA pending


Models 8810 & 8811 Intelligent Photoelectric Detectors
Faraday – Data Sheet