Fike 10-074


Ethernet Module with Enclosure

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The Ethernet Module (P/N 10-2627) is an ancillary device, that when connected to a compatible Fike control panel, allows it to participate in a Proprietary Supervising Station fire alarm system as either a transmitting or receiving unit. The module provides an interface between the compatible Fike panel and a standard Ethernet IP connection. This allows Fike control panels located in different buildings or multiple sites to link together. The Ethernet Module is NOT to be used to network panels located in a single building together.

Each control panel connected to the network requires an Ethernet Module and is given a unique IP address for panel identification on the network. This allows the operation of each individual panel to be signaled to, recorded in, and supervised from a supervising station under the same ownership as the protected premises. The supervising station can be located at the protected property or can be located at one of multiple protected properties. A digital alarm communicator/transmitter can be connected to the supervising station panel to provide single point of communication for all panels networked together to the Central or Remote station.

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