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Fike’s Emergency Power Shutdown Management System (EPSMS) is a control panel designed to consolidate and coordinate emergency power off (EPO) in a timely and efficient manner. This panel allows for control and shutdown to occur from one consolidated and central point. This is in comparison to a typical EPO installation that many times is last minute and considered an afterthought. Typical installations often are decentralized systems, comprised of relays distributed throughout the room, under floors, and above ceilings. Power circuits feeding shunt-trip breakers are not identified and not monitored. These systems are rarely documented with no wiring drawings. No maintenance bypass switch is installed that would allow an EPO condition to be locked out for routine maintenance. The typical EPO installation is not easily modified or expanded and is susceptable to expensive false activation.

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  • Controls are consolidated in one location
  • Can be easily modified or expanded
  • The Power Shutdown and HVAC controls are segregated within the control system
  • The entire control system is documented with drawings and sequence of operation, and is appropriately labeled
  • EPO switches are of locking type and have a protective cover to prevent unwanted operation
  • Control panel provides local monitoring and display of functions by illumination of indicating lights during operation
  • Control panel provides remote monitoring capabilities
  • Power to the EPSMS system can be monitored by fire control panel required by NFPA 75
  • Maintenance override with lock-out feature
  • Applicable in: data centers, telecommunication facilities, industrial facilities, elevator machine rooms, water treatment plants, electrical rooms and anywhere else there is a need for EPO controls



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