Fire-Lite 411UDAC


Four-channel, Dual-line, Stand-alone or Slave Fire Alarm Communicator

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The Fire-Watch 411UDAC is a compact, multifaceted, stand-alone or slave Fire Alarm Communicator designed for a variety of fire and non-fire applications. It provides four channels (inputs) that accept waterflow devices, two-wire and four wire smoke detectors, pull stations, and other normally-open contact devices. The 411UDAC is a cost-effective, sidecar solution for applications that require transmission of system status to an off-site monitoring facility for Central or Remote Station compliance. Due to its extremely flexible programming options, the 411UDAC is also ideal for use as a stand-alone unit to monitor: sprinkler systems for waterflow and supervisory conditions; processes (i.e., water level, gas detection, loss of air flow); and normally-open contact devices. With fifteen selectable transmission formats, including Ademco Contact ID, compatibility with virtually all Digital Alarm Communicator Receivers (DACR) is ensured. Programming can be accomplished on-site with a hand-held programmer (PRO-411), or remotely utilizing the optional PK-411UD Windows®-based remote upload/download software package. The PK-411UD upload/download software also permits system interrogation and revision from a remote site. The PK-411UD is part of the PK-CD utility.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 14.50 × 12.88 × 4.50 in



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  • Four supervised monitoring channels (inputs)
  • Three fixed Style B (Class B) and one Style A (Class A) or Style B (Class B)
  • One Style Y (Class B) Notification Appliance (bell)
  • Circuit (NAC)
  • 1.0 Amp notification appliance power
  • Coded (temporal) notification appliance (bell, signal) circuit
  • 12 VDC operation
  • Capable of 60 hours of standby
  • Industry-first, UL recognized, “dialer runaway” prevention feature
  • Long-distance Carrier Access Code (CAC) compliant, accepting 20-digit central station and service terminal telephone numbers
  • Industry-first, user-selectable restoral methods
  • Fully programmable transmittal codes for fire and non-fire (e.g., process monitoring) applications
  • Includes 15 popular communication formats, including the widely used Ademco Contact ID format, ensuring compatibility with virtually all DACRs
  • Local piezo sounder with separate and distinct sounds for various conditions


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