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Lite-Connect Module

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Brand: Fire-Lite Part #: 30175 Categories: , , Manufacturer Part #: ANN-LC


Lite-Connect is a fiber module (ANN-LC) that allows the MS-9050UD to become a common central station communicator for multiple MS-9050UD and MS-9200UDLS fire alarm control panels. Lite-Connect is a solution that allows building owners to reduce the number of phone lines by consolidating the central station communications to a single panel. Using fiber-optic technology, the panels are connected together and the MS-9050UD sends point or zone information for the entire system to the central station. In addition, building to building connections with fiber avoid potential ground fault issues and damage caused by lightning strikes.

NOTE: When using the IPGSM-DP(C) or IPGSM-COM Commercial Fire Communicator, node address settings 10 or above should not be used. There are no restrictions with the IPGSM-4G(C).


Weight 1.00 lbs



  • Each FACP (main MS-9050UD and remote panels) requires its own ANN-LC module.
  • Up to 16 remote panels (MS-9050UD and MS-9200UDLS).
  • Fiber optic panel to panel connections to avoid potential ground faults or lightning strike issues.
  • Main panel communicates up to 50 points / 20 zones to the Central Station for the MS-9050UD and 198 points / 99 zones for the MS-9200UDLS.
  • Connects to the ANN-BUS of the fire panel and requires minimal programming.
  • Class B or Class A operation for survivability.

Each panel requires a unique “node” address that is assigned in programming.


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