Gamewell-FCI GFPS-9


Power Supply

Availability: Estimated 6 Weeks

Condition: New
Brand: Gamewell-FCI
Status: Obsolete
SKU: 16385
Manufacturer Part #: GFPS-9
Replacement: HPF-PS10


The Gamewell-FCI Power Supply 9 (GFPS-9) panel provides two Class A, Style Z or four Class B, Style Y notification appliance circuits. Each circuit is rated at 3 amperes, with a total capacity of 9 amperes per panel. These circuits may be programmed to activate by groups or various combinations by connection to one or two existing Class A or B notification appliance circuits with operating voltages ranging from 9 to 30 VDC. Either a non-coded or a coded operation is possible. In addition, the GFPS-9 can provide a temporal pattern output from a non-coded input. These conditions light the appropriate trouble LED and automatically open the notification appliance circuit that is used to activate and to transmit a trouble signal to the main fire alarm control panel. The ground fault detection circuit may be disabled. The unit contains a set of dry, Form ā€œCā€ trouble actuated auxiliary contacts, rated 2.5 amp. @ 24 VDC (resistive). The transfer of these contacts for AC power failure is pro- grammable and can be delayed for a period of six hours. This delay feature may be disabled. A Class A Power-Limited, non-resettable, auxiliary power output up to three amperes is also available. To prevent the batteries from running low from the current devices (such as, door holders), you can program the panel via a DIP switch and you can disconnect this output from the batteries, 30 seconds after the AC power failure.

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GFPS-9; Data Sheet
Gamewell-FCI – Data Sheet


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