Gamewell 7075B

Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel

    Brand: Gamewell-FCI Part #: 47344 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: GWF-7075B


    The Gamewell-FCI®, GWF-7075 is an Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP). The GWF-7075 has a signaling line circuit (SLC) loop that is used to connect the addressable detectors. The SLC loop is capable of supporting up to 75 detectors and 75 modules using the System Sensor® Velociti® Protocol, and it also offers the built-in support for the SWIFT wireless fire alarm devices.

    The GWF-7075 is equipped with two configurable Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs) that support a maximum output of 2.5A. This panel communicates with the built-in, dual-line digital and IP communicator including an optional cellular communication module.


    Weight 25 lbs
    Dimensions 3.33 × 12.71 × 15.12 in


    • Built-in support for up to 75 detectors and 75 modules operating in Velociti mode
    • Offers a four line LCD display with 40 characters per line
    • Available in a red or black cabinet
    • GWF-7075 can be surface or flush mounted
    • Contains a built-in USB interface used for programming
    • Includes the programmable date setting for Daylight Saving Time
    • Uses a JumpStart Auto Programming feature for easy programming
    • Reports events to the Central Station by point or by zone
    • System programmable from the front panel
    • Provides a built-in dual phone line, digital alarm communicator/transmitter (DACT), IP or optional cellular technologies
    • Firmware an be upgraded in the field
    • Supports up to four SWIFT wireless gateways. Each gateway may include up to 49 wireless devices
    • Supports Class B (Style 4) and Class A (Style 6 or Style 7) configuration for SLC, and SBUS
    • Offers a built-in synchronization for some models,

    Note: To identify the compatible models, refer to the Compatibility Addendum to Gamewell-FCI Manuals, P/N: 9000-0427-L8.


    GWF-7075: Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel
    Honeywell – Data Sheet

    GWF-7075: Engineering Specification
    Honeywell – Architect Specification


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