Gamewell-FCI ILI95-S-E3


Intelligent Loop Interface 95, Expansion Board

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The Intelligent Loop Interface95 – Expansion Board (ILI95-S-E3) provides the E3 Series fire alarm control panel with two additional signaling line circuits. The layout is similar to the ILI95-MB-E3 except a number of the following inputs/outputs are omitted: Notification Appliance Circuits, Auxiliary Power, RS-485 Communication Bus, Form C Relays, ARCNET Repeater Port, The ILI95-S-E3 occupies one node on the Broadband network. The ILI95-S-E3 provides two signaling line circuits and terminals for the connections to up to 126 sensors / modules.

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  • ILI95-MB-E3/ILI95-S-E3:
    • Listed under UL Standard 864, 9th Edition
    • Listed under UL Standard UL2572 for Mass Notification
    • Provides network ready integral 625K baud ARCNET
    • 115.2K baud RS-232 Signaling line circuits with:
    • 2 Class A, Style 6, 7* or Class B, Style 4 circuits
    • 40 Character user-defined text per device
    • Capacity of 126 analog/addressable Apollo devices per loop
    • 4100 Event History log
    • *Style 7 wiring requires the use of XP95-LI Isolator Modules
  • ILI95-MB-E3 Only:
    • 2 notification appliance circuits, Class “A”, Style Z or Class B, Style Y rated at 2.0 amps. per circuit
    • RS-485 supporting 16 ASM-16 switch modules and/or ANU-48 LED driver modules
    • Alarm, trouble, and supervisory dry contacts Form “C”, rated at 2 amp. @ 30 VDC (resistive)
    • Supports six local/remote LCD-E3 annunciators and five LCD-7100/RAN-7100 remote LED annunciators


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