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Command Center Voice Gateway

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The INI-VGC Voice Gateway Module provides command and control functions for the INCC Command Center. The INCC serves as the point of interface between an operator and the system’s audio evacuation, fire fighter intercom, and building control circuits. A typical INCC assembly consists of an Intelligent Network Interface-Voice Gateway (INI-VGC) Module and one or more Addressable Switch Modules (ASM-16). Each INIVGC can support up to sixteen (16), ANU-48 LED Driver Modules or ASM-16s for a total of 256 fully programmable switches and 768 LEDs (red, yellow, and green). The INI-VGC occupies a single node on the E3 Broadband network and is connected by a single pair of twisted, unshielded wire, fiber-optic cable or any combination of the two. The INI-VGC-UTP is not equipped with fiber-optic connectors.


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  • Listed under UL Standard 864, 9th Edition.
  • All communication signals and control-by-event sequences over twisted, unshielded pair of wires or fiber-optic cable.
  • Distributed architecture, including Style 7 wiring configuration, allows system components to continue normal operation with NO loss of function during single line fault conditions.
  • Each INI-VGC or INI-VGE supports up to sixteen (16), ANU-48 LED drivers or ASM-16 switch modules for a total of 256 switches.
  • INI-VGC connects to a voice page microphone and fire fighter’s handset.
  • Redundant command centers with microphone and fire fighter’s handset easily configured by adding INCCs.
  • Advanced digital signal processor (DSP) technology for efficient audio compression and filtering.
  • Network data transfer rate at 625K baud. The INI-VGX includes the following features:
  • Software-programmable multi-channel digital audio applications.
  • One Style 4 signaling line circuit (SLC) supporting up to thirty-two (32), addressable speaker circuits.
  • AOM-MUXF for dual channel) and sixteen (16), addressable phone circuits (AOM-TELF).
  • Supports up to 150 watts of audio power (AM-50 amplifier modules) with additional 50 watts of standby in a single, compact wall mounted cabinet.
  • 16 message capacity with up to 3-minute duration per INX and messages are easily field configured via a laptop computer.

Command Center Voice Gateway; INI-VG

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