Hochiki FNP-1127-SLC


Single Loop Expander

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The model FNP-1127-SLC Single SLC Loop Expander is a one loop expander board for the FireNET Plus FNP- 1127E series control panel. The FNP-1127-SLC increases the loop capacity of the panel from 1 loop to 2 loops, doubling the loop capacity from 254 digital analog addressable points to 508. The loop expander board installs quickly, mounting to the back of the main control board. The FNP-1127-SLC has the same functionality as the built-in SLC loop on the FireNET Plus panel and utilizes Hochiki’s robust DCP loop protocol for highly reliable and fast alarm reporting. Shielded or twisted pair wiring for the SLC loop is not required.

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Single Loop Expander; FNP-1127-SLC
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