Lenel LNL-8000-M5


Eight Door Multiplexer Module

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All boards in the Lenel M Series have been designed to facilitate the migration of legacy Picture Perfect®, Facility Commander® Wnx, or Secure Perfect® systems to Lenel’s OnGuard® system. The Lenel M Series boards provide a one-for-one, plug compatible, OnGuardready replacement for legacy CASI M5 and M3000 boards. The migration is a straightforward process of powering down the legacy controller, unplugging field wiring from legacy boards, inserting new Lenel M Series boards, plugging in field wiring, and powering up new controller which communicates to the OnGuard system. The LNL-8000-M5 is an optional replacement for the legacy CASI 8RP board (PN 110100501). The LNL-8000-M5 enables a wide range of new reader types to be connected via existing wiring. This is possible by allowing standard Lenel door controllers to communicate over existing wiring.

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  • Lenel hardware for OnGuard, redesign to retrofit into legacy CASI controllers
  • Replaces CASI 8RP, plug compatible
  • Supports connection of standard Lenel hardware at remote end of existing wiring
  • Upgrade readers from F2F to OSDP using existing wiring
  • Must be used in conjunction with LNL-1300 or other standard Lenel door controllers or I/O boards
  • By using an LNL-1300 at each reader/door location, a wider range of reader protocols can be supported, including Wiegand, Clock/Data, OSDP and OSDP Secure Channel when converting to OnGuard


LNL-8000-M5; M Series Controller
Lenel – Data Sheet


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