Lenel LNL-X2220


Reader Intelligent Dual Controller

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  • DNS device naming through DHCP extended commands
  • 6 MB of available on-board, non-volatile flash memory
  • Battery-backed, non-volatile storage of 50,000 events
  • Configurable option for Data at Rest encryption
  • Firmware stored in flash memory, background download of firmware updates supported
  • Supports up to sixteen badge formats
  • Biometric template storage support for OSDP™ Biometric and legacy Bioscrypt® readers
  • Optional Secondary NIC, USB port (2.0) with optional adapter
  • Enhanced anti-passback capabilities
  • Up to 32,000 access level permissions
  • Elevator control support for up to 128 floors
  • Individual extended held open and strike times
  • Two dedicated inputs for tamper and power failure status
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit algorithm for communications to Lenel Series 3 reader and I/O modules; AES 128-bit encryption to Lenel Series 2 reader and I/O modules
  • AES128 or TLS 1.2 (with AES256 support) communication to OnGuard
  • RNDIS support enables USB connection to display controller web configuration pages


LNL-X2220; Intelligent Dual Reader Controller
Lenel – Data Sheet


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