Lenel LNL-X4420


Advanced Dual Reader Controller

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The LNL-X4420 is an Advanced Dual Reader Controller that provides a single-board solution for interfacing up to 64 doors, plus auxiliary inputs and outputs, to an OnGuard® system. The LNL-X4420 controller enables Ethernet connection directly from an entry location to the OnGuard server. In addition, other I/O and reader interface modules can be added on the controller’s two downstream ports, further expanding its capabilities. In the event of communication loss, the LNL-X4420 controller can maintain most of its local functionality until the server connection is restored. The LNL-X4420 controller can act as an interface to building automation systems via the ASHRAE BACnet™ protocol. Through the OnGuard software, up to 63 total BACnet points can be defined. These can be a mix of physical inputs connected to the board and virtual outputs. Virtual outputs can be set and read from a connected BACnet client, allowing two-way state exchange with a variety of building control systems. This information can be used by both OnGuard and the external system for status reporting, and as inputs to control logic.


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Advanced Dual Reader Controller; LNL-X4420
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