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Enclosure Remote Annunciator

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Mircom’s modular RA-1000 Series Remote Annunciators are multiplex annunciator panels that provide a large capacity of annunciation with the Mircom Fire Alarm Control Panels. The RA-1000 Series is comprised of three chassis models. The RAM-1032TZDS Main Annunciator Chassis consists of sealed membrane-like buttons and LED indicators. Complete with Common Control Features and Indicators, the RAM-1032TZDS Main Annunciator Chassis provides up to 32 points of annunciation and can be expanded with up to four RAX adder annunciator chassis modules. Defined via DIP switches, the RA-1000 Remote Annunciators are automatically configured to match the Fire Alarm Control Panel configuration. The RAX-1048TZDS Adder Annunciator Chassis has the same basic construction as the Main Annunciator Chassis and can provide up to 48 points of annunciation. It interconnects to either a RAM-1032TZDS Main Annunciator or a RAX-1048TZDS Adder Annunciator Chassis. Up to four RAX-1048TZDS Adder Annunciator Chassis’ can be connected to one RAM-1032TZDS. The annunciators come standard with Bi-colored LEDs to annunciate Alarm or Supervisory points. Each display point can be identified by the slide-in label that slides in beside the LED. The annunciator modules can mount into five various sized enclosures.

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  • Large capacity of annunciation
  • Provides annunciation through three annunciator chassis modules
  • Bi-colored LEDs
  • Slide-in labels for each display point
  • Surface mount to standard gang outlet boxes
  • Sealed membrane-like buttons and LED indicators
  • Local Buzzer, Silence and Lamp Test switches
  • LEDs for A.C. On, Common Trouble, Remote Failure, Aux. Disconnect, Acknowledge, General Alarm, Signal Silence and Test/Configuration Mode
  • Controls for System Reset, Lamp Test, Fire Drill, Aux. Disconnect, Buzzer Silence, Signal Silence, General Alarm and Acknowledge
  • Each annunciation point is automatically selected for either Alarm (Red) or Supervisory (Amber) to match the Fire Alarm Control Panel configuration
  • Five sizes of enclosures
  • Enclosures are available in a white color for the Canadian market and a red exterior for the U.S. and International markets


Remote Multiplex Annunciators; RA-1000 Series
Mircom – Data Sheet



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