Mircom FNC-2000


Fire Network Controller Module

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The FNC-2000 provides network capability to the system. One Fire Network Controller Module is required per network node panel. In addition, the FNC-2000 provides an interface for adding one optional Fiber Optic Network Adder Module: FOM2000-SP, FOM-2000-SM or FOM-2000-UM. The FNC-2000 mounts in the FX-MNS. The FNC-2000 also mounts in the FX-2000 main and expander chassis.

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  • Max of 63 nodes can be connected
  • Single mode fiber links can be up to 10Km
  • Multi mode fiber links can be up to 1.5Km
  • Provides network capability
  • Provides an interface for adding option fiber optical
  • Removable terminal blocks
  • Mounts in the FX-2000 main and expander chassis


Fire Network Controller Module: FNC-2000
Installation Instructions: Fire Network Controller Module (FNC-2000)


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