Mircom PR-300


Module Polarity Reversa/City Tie w/Alarm Superv

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Brand: Mircom
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Manufacturer Part #: PR-300


The PR-300 Polarity Reversal/City Tie Module provides the system with a supervised City Tie (24 VDC/200 mA max.) and Polarity Reversal connection (24 VDC (open circuit), 8 mA max. (shorted)). The PR-300 occupies one modules lot. The Alarm Transmit signal to the PR-300 can be programmed to turn OFF when signal silence is active. This allows the City Tie Box to be manually reset. On subsequent alarms the silenceable signals will resound and the City Tie Box will be retriggered. The Trouble Transmit signal to the PR-300 can be programmed to delay AC power fail 0, 1, 2, or 3 hours if this is the only system trouble.

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Polarity Reversal and City Tie Module; PR-300
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