Notifier DS-SFM


Fiber option module for single mode fiber. Allows fiber digital audio loop segments between any digital audio loop devices.

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A fiber option module converts one of the two digital audio ports on a DAA2, DAX, DS-DB or DVC that mounts fiber option modules (DVC-EMPCC version or later) from wire to fiber. One or two fiber option modules may be installed, con- verting the DAA2, DAX, DS-DB or DVC partially or wholly to fiber optic communication.

A DAL (digital audio loop) can support wire, single-mode fiber, and multi-mode fiber on the same loop with the use of fiber option modules.


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  • Converts wire DAPs (digital audio ports) to single-mode or multi-mode fiber.
  • Plugs onto a DVC that mounts fiber option modules, a DAA2, a DAX, or a DS-DB for easy installation.

DS-FM/DS-SFM/DS-RFM; Fiber Option Modules

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