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FlashScan Wireless Smoke Detector, Photoelectric

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SWIFT® wireless detectors are intelligent (addressable) detectors which provide secure, reliable communication to the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) across a Class A mesh network. Wireless detectors create an opportunity for applications where it is costly (concrete walls/ceilings, buried wires), obtrusive (surface mount conduit), or possibly dangerous (asbestos) to use traditional wired devices. In addition, both wired and wireless devices can be present on the same FACP providing an integrated wired-wireless solution for increased installation potential. The SWIFT detection line includes a photoelectric, Acclimate®, standard fixed heat, and rate-of-rise heat detectors. The photoelectric detectors transmit a digital representation of smoke density through a wireless mesh to a gateway and on to a FACP. The Acclimate detectors combine a photoelectric chamber and a 135°F (57°C) fixed temperature heat detector. Acclimate can also transmit an alarm signal due to heat per UL 521. The fixed heat detector and rate-of-rise detectors utilize sensors designed for open area protection with 50-foot spacing capability as approved by UL 521.





  • Wireless installation
  • Class A mesh network
  • Addressable code wheels
  • Commercial applications
  • UL 268 listed; ULC S530 listed Canadian heat detectors
  • Frequency hopping
  • Bi-directional communications


SWIFT Wireless Detectors; FWD-200P
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