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Loop Expander Module

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The LEM-320 Notifier Loop Expander Module and the LCM-320 Notifier Loop Control Module provide NOTIFIER’s ONYX® Series of Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACPs) with Signaling Line Circuits (SLCs). The ONYX® Series NFS-640/NFS2-640 supports one LEM-320; the NFS-3030/NFS2-3030 supports up to five LCM320s and five LEM-320s. The LEM-320 module is used to expand the NFS-640/NFS2-640 to a second loop, and to expand each LCM-320 used on the NFS-3030/NFS2-3030 — each NFS-3030/NFS2-3030 LCM-320 supports an expansion LEM-320.

  • Up to 12,500 feet (3,810 m) on a Class B (Style 4) SLC loop (twisted-unshielded).
  • Built-in degraded mode increases survivability.
  • Very simple installation — plug-in style.
  • Permits multiple loops in small enclosure.

Maximum loop length: The maximum wiring distance of an SLC using 12 AWG (3.1 mm²) twisted-pair wire is 12,500 feet (3810 m) per channel. For a twisted-unshielded pair, 12 AWG (3.1 mm²) to 18 AWG (0.78 mm²):
– Distance with 12 AWG: 12,500 ft (3,810 m).
– Distance with 14 AWG: 8,000 ft (2,438 m).
– Distance with 16 AWG: 4,875 ft (1,486 m).
– Distance with 18 AWG: 3,225 ft (983 m).
– 50 ohms maximum per length of Style 6 & 7 loops.
– 50 ohms maximum per branch for Style 4 loop.

Datasheet: LEM-320

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