Notifier NC-100R


Addressable Relay Module

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Brand: Notifier Part #: N02C-6242 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: NC-100R


The NC-100R Notifier Addressable Relay Module provides NOTIFIER’s FireWarden Series intelligent control panels with two isolated sets of Form-C dry-contact outputs for activating a variety of auxiliary devices, such as fans, dampers, door holders, control equipment, etc. Addressability allows the dry contact to be activated, either manually or through panel programming, on a select basis. Each NC-100R(A) uses one of the addresses on a SLC loop. It responds to regular polls from the control panel and reports its type and status. The LED blinks with each poll received. On command, it activates its internal relay. Rotary switches set a unique address for each module. The address may be set before or after mounting. The built-in TYPE CODE (not settable) will identify the module to the control panel.


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  • Built-in type identification automatically identifies these devices to the control panel.
  • Internal circuitry and relay powered directly by two-wire SLC loop.
  • Integral LED “blinks” green each time a communication is received from the control panel and turns on in steady when activated.
  • High noise immunity (EMF/RFI).
  • Wide viewing angle of LED.
  • SEMS screws with clamping plates for wiring ease.
  • Direct Decade entry of address: 01 – 99 with the FireWarden-100-2(C) and 01 – 50 with the FireWarden-50(C).

NC-100R(A); Relay Module for FireWarden Series Panels

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