Notifier NFC-CE6


Circuit Expander Module

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Circuit Expander Module provides connections for up to six Style Z (Class A) or Style Y (Class B) speaker circuits. Circuits are configured through the web-based programming utility.


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  • Power-limited circuitry.
  • Up to six (6) circuits on the NFC-CE6 can be wired as Style Y (Class B) or Style Z (Class A).
  • Normal Operating Voltage for Speaker Circuits: 25 V@ 2.0 amps max. (Maximum Load Impedance of 12.5Ω).
  • 70.0 V @ 700 mA max. with maximum Load Impedance of 100Ω operation possible for the primary circuit by plugging in an optional NFC-XRM-70V conversion transformer into J12 of the main control board. The same operation is possible for the optional 50W amplifier by selecting the NFC-BDA-70V model.
  • Speaker circuit wiring is supervised during standby, background music, and alarm.
  • Output Power: 50 watts total; Frequency Range: 400Hz – 4,000Hz.
  • Maximum total capacitance: 250 μF. (Note that the total capacitance for the speaker outputs must not exceed the maximum of 250 μF.)
  • End-of-Line Resistor required for Style Y (Class B) speaker circuit: 15 KΩ, 1 watt (P/N: ELR-15K) TB13 on the main control board: ACS/ANN (EIA-485) electrically isolated link to FACP pro- vides programmed speaker control.


NFC-50/100(E); First Command Emergency Communication System
Notifier – Data Sheet


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