Notifier SLC-IM


Signaling Line Circuit-Integration Module

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The Signaling Line Circuit-Integration Module (SLC-IM) provides a communication link between a VESDAnet network and a Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) SLC loop via the High Level Interface (HLI) VHX-1420-HFS. It allows mapping of alarms and faults from VESDA detectors onto FACP monitor module addresses. The SLC-IM translates VESDAnet protocol to SLC protocol, enabling VESDA detector events on the VESDAnet to be annunciated by an FACP.


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  • Communicates with the VESDAnet via an RS-232 connection.
  • Supervises the connection to the VHX-1420-HFS HLI.
  • Provides 159 FlashScan® monitor module addresses that can be mapped to events from VESDA detectors using the SLC-IM configuration tool.
  • Provides individual alarm annunciation from VESDA-E VEA detector addressable sampling points.
  • Uses seven user-defined FlashScan monitor module addresses for each programmed VESDA detector plus one additional monitor module address for VESDAnet wiring fault.
  • Supports up to 22 VESDA detectors on one SLC loop.
  • Supports Style 4 and Style 6 configurations on the VESDAnet network.

NOTE: The SLC-IM cannot monitor VESDA devices with addresses higher than 247.


Signaling Line Circuit Integration Module; SLC-IM
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