Notifier XP6-R


Six Relay Control Module

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The XP6-R Six Relay Control Module is intended for use in an intelligent alarm system. Each module is intended for Form-C switching applications, which do not require wiring supervision for the load circuit. A single isolated set of dry relay contacts is provided for each module, which is capable of being wired for either normally open or normally closed for each operation. Each module has its own address. A pair of rotary code switches is used to set the address of the first module from 01 to 154. The remaining modules are automatically assigned to the next five higher addresses.


Weight 0.80 lbs
Dimensions 1.00 × 5.80 × 6.80 in


Six Relay Control Module; XP6-R(A)
Notifier – Data Sheet
Six Relay Control Module; XP6-R
Notifier – Installation and Maintenance Instructions


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