nVent CADDY EZR0300


EZ Riser, 3″ Pipe

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Condition: New
Brand: nVent CADDY
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SKU: 110529
Manufacturer Part #: EZR0300


The new, innovative EZR is the most adaptable clamp in the offering. It can be used as a standard riser, standoff or riser for close quarters, essentially making it three clamps in one. Pre-drilled holes can easily be attached to threaded rod for a standoff installation and integrated score marks allow for easy removal of ears. Even with the ears removed, the product retains its listing, uniquely making it capable of a listing in both installations.

Additionally, several other features have been incorporated to make the product easier to install. Internal time studies indicate a 60% reduction in installation time when compared to standard riser clamps, and a 45% reduction in installation when compared to the industry-leading first generation EZ Riser.

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  • One-piece hinge design comes out of the box ready to install
  • Lack of loose hardware eliminates dropped or lost components, eliminating potential rework and speeding up installation
  • Carriage bolts seat into clamp, eliminating the need for multiples tools when tightening
  • Installs up to 60% faster than standard riser clamps and 45% faster than the industry-leading first generation EZ Riser
  • Multi-functional clamp can be installed in several approved orientations, simplifying material handling
  • Integrated second set of bolt holes allow the assembly to easily adapt from a riser clamp into a stand-off support In spaces where full-sized riser clamps do not fit, integrated score marks allow for easy removal of ears
  • Retains listing when the ears are removed for close quarters, uniquely making the nVent CADDY EZ Riser capable of a listing in both installations
  • Recommended for suspending vertical steel pipe risers
  • No need to stock and use separate part families for standard and close quarter clamps to offer a full range of listed parts, reducing inventory by 38%
  • Conforms with Federal Specification WW-H-171 (Type 8), Manufacturers Standardization Society (MSS) SP-58 (Type 8)



nVent CADDY – Data Sheet

EZR Riser


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