Siemens AA-30U


Class A Alarm Extender Module, 1 Space

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The Alarm Extender Module (Model AA-30U) from Siemens ─ Fire Safety is designed for use with the System 3 fire-alarm control panel (FACP), and meets the requirements of NFPA 72 ‘Class A’ (‘Style Z’). Model AA-30U provides a (4) four-wire circuit for operating polarized, parallel-connected 24 VDC, nominal, notification appliance circuits (NACs). The circuit capacity is typically 20 vibrating DC bells ─ 10 DC horns or strobes. Additional bells, horns or strobes can be added ─ depending on the current requirements of the connected devices ─ based upon the condition that the total circuit load does not exceed 1.5 Amps.


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