Siemens AS-HMC-W-WP

Horn-Strobe, Hi Multi-Candela, Wall, White, Weatherproof

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With more features and low current draw, the two-wire Series AS Audible Strobe Appli­ances and Series AH Audibles provide both audible strobe appliances and audibles. Strobe options for wall mount models include the MC multi-candela wall strobes with field selectable candela settings of 15/30/75/110cd, or the high intensity HMC strobe with field selectable 135/185cd.Ceiling mount models incorporate MC multi-candela ceiling strobe with field selectable settings of 15/30/75/95cd or the high intensity HMC strobe with field selectable settings of 115/177cd. The audible provides a selectable choice of either a con­tinuous horn or temporal pattern (Code 3) when constant voltage from a Fire Alarm Panel (FACP) is applied. Each tone has 3 dBA settings from which to choose. When used with the Siemens DSC sync modules, FS-250 panel, XLS panel, or PAD-3 power supply with built-in sync protocol, synchronization of the continuous horn tone provides the temporal (code 3) tone (man­dated by NFPA 72) simultaneously for all audible appli­ances. This ensures a distinct temporal (Code 3) pattern when two or more audibles are within hearing distance. If not synchronized the temporal sound could overlap and not be distinctive. At the same time the strobes will be synchronized. This provides the ability to comply with ADA guidelines concerning photosensitive epilepsy and the NFPA standards when installing 2 or more visual appliances within the field of view all of this plus the ability to silence the audible is achieved by using only 2 wires. The AS and AH install quickly with IN/OUT screw terminals using #12 to #18 AWG wires and include a weatherproof models for outdoor use. ADA/NFPA/UFC/ANSI Compliant. UL and ULC Listed, and CSFM, and FM pending.


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