Siemens FC901-U3


50-Point Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

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Model FC901-U3 is a complete 50-point system electronics kit comprised of the Model FCM901-U3 main board and the 170W power supply (Model FP2011-U1). The enclosure required for the FC901 system is sold separately.

The Model FCM901-U3 main board supports connection to Model FP2011-U1.

The 170-Watt power supply (Model FP2011-U1) incorporates a 4.0A, non-resettable slow-blow fuse on the primary input, and includes a built-in AC-line filter for surge and noise suppression.


Weight 9.00 lbs
Dimensions 16.50 × 18.13 × 5.11 in



  • Supports 50 addressable devices on one (1) ‘Class A’, or two (2) ‘Class B’ circuits
  • Includes one (1) ‘Class A’, or two (2) ‘Class B’ notification appliance circuits (NACs)
  • Built-in digital alarm communication transmitter (DACT)
  • Supports releasing scenarios
  • Supports isolation devices such as PAD-5, X-Series I/Os and XMS (pull stations)
  • Supports Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection (not approved for use in Canada)
  • Downloads, prints system-event history & detector sensitivity
  • Supervised remote printer (Model FCA2018-U1)
  • Optional connectivity to a leased-line / city-tie module (Model FCI2020-U1)
  • Built-in RS-485 connection for remote annunciators
  • Resettable and non-resettable 24VDC auxiliary power
  • Off-normal warning message prior to reset
  • User programmable front panel control
  • Fast and easy set-up with custom-configuration tool
  • Supports 182-character display


50-Point Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP); Model FC901
Siemens – Data Sheet
Fire Alarm Control Panel; Model FC901-U3/FC901-R3
Siemens – Manual


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