Siemens FDOOT441


Detector Combo Optical/Thermal

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Model FDOOT441 is an advanced, flexible multi-criteria fire detector incorporating a redundant optical / thermal sensor. Additionally, Model FDOOT441 utilizes ASAtechnology™ a distinctive forward / backward, light-scattering technology that provides high-tech, unparalleled fire detection to the widest range of fire types allowing the detector to distinguish non-threatening deceptive phenomena. Each FDOOT441 unit is UL 268 7th edition listed incorporating advanced built-in ISOtechnology™ – True Class-X SLC operation (use is optional) greatly improving system reliability and circuit integrity while providing advanced addressable fault finding. The unit may be programmed as a high-sensitivity detector, with a 0.2 %/ft Pre-Alarm threshold and 1.0 %/ft Alarm threshold thus meeting NFPA 76 requirements (Standard for the Fire Protection of Telecommunications Facilities) as a Very Early Warning Fire Detector (VEWFD). Every FDOOT441 unit is a multi-purpose, addressable detector providing a complete contemporary solution meeting fire detection needs for commercial facilities. Each individual FDOOT441 sensor can be field programmed for simultaneous and / or independent functionality, depending upon the precise customer and application requirements.


Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 4.10 × 4.10 × 1.50 in



  • Multi-criteria fire detector (UL 268 7th edition)
  • Heat detector (UL 521) with five (5) possible field-selectable temperatures; combined with four (4) rate-of-rise options
  • Direct, in-duct (plenum) detector (UL 268A)
  • Supervisory monitoring for temperature ranges
  • NFPA 76 (Telco Standard) as VEWFD
  • Low-temperature warning signal at 40°F (4.4°C) for sprinkler systems, per NFPA 25/NFPA 72


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