Siemens ID-MP


Inner-Door Enclosure Mounting Plate

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Manufacturer Part #: ID-MP
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The inner door mounting plate (Model ID-MP) is mounted on the inner door of a CAB enclosure. Model ID-MP plates are used to mount Model SCM-8 switch control modules; Model LCM-8 LED control modules, or with Model FCM-6.

Four mounting plates are included in each Model ID-MP. Each mounting plate has four spaces for control modules, and can hold either four (4) Model SCM-8 modules (one control module space each); four (4) Model LCM-8 modules one (1) control module space each; or two (2) Model FCM-6 modules (two module spaces each).

Combinations are also allowed. Blank spaces in Model ID-MP can be covered using the Model BCM blank control module plate. A maximum four Model ID-MP plates can be mounted in a single row on the inner door.

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