Siemens ZAC-40


Card Zone Amplifier 40W (25V70V Or 100V) One

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Manufacturer Part #: ZAC-40
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The Zone-Amplifier Card (Model ZAC-40) is a combination 40-Watt, amplifier / speaker zone for use with Cerberus PRO Modular panels. Style Y, Z or “A / B” speaker-zone wiring configurations are supported. Model ZAC-40 is power limited, and can be configured to provide 40 Watts of audio at 25VRMS or 70VRMS. Model ZAC-40 is a plug-in card that mounts in a Model CC-5 or CC-2 card cage. Model ZAC-40 is capable of amplifying any of the (8) eight digital-audio channels that are transmitted from the Digital Audio Card (Model DAC-NET), via the digital-audio bus Audio Serial Interface (Model ASI). Model ZAC-40 amplifier is supervised for functionality. Model ZAC-40 can be used as a single, 40-Watt speaker zone for (1) one-to-eight (8) channel applications, or as a bulk amplifier for one-or-two-channel applications – feeding high-level audio to Models ZIC-4A and ZIC-8B, or for single-channel applications – feeding high-level audio to Model HCP. Model ZAC-40 can also send audio to additional speaker zones, via the use of the Model EBA2004-A1 booster amplifier.

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  • 40-Watt, plug-in audio amplifier
  • Selectable audio levels
    • 25VRMS 40 Watts
    • 70VRMS 40 Watts
  • Local audio input
  • Speaker lines supervised when active or inactive
  • Style “Y” or “Z”, power-limited wiring
  • Split-zone (A / B) wiring on Style “Y”
  • Plugs into either a Model CC-5 or Model CC-2 Card Cage
  • Supports and switches up to eight (8) digital-audio channels
  • Internal amplifier supervision
  • Back-up amplification available
  • UL864 & CAN / ULC-S576 Listed


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Zone-Amplifier Card (40-Watt); Model ZAC-40


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