Siemens ZR-MC-R


Z Strobe: Multi-Candela (Wall), Red

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  • Strobes can be synchronized using the Siemens DSC sync modules, the Siemens 50-point, 252-point and 504-point addressable fire alarm control panels (FACPs), as well as with:
    • FireFinder® XLS and MXL® FACPs
    • PAD-3 or PAD-4TM NAC Extenders with built-in sync protocol
  • Selectable Continuous Horn or Temporal (Code-3) Tones with 90 or 95 dBA selectable setting (Series ‘ZH’)
  • Ceiling-mount models feature field-selectable Candela settings of 15/30/75/95cd and 115/177cd
  • Wall-mount models feature field-selectable Candela settings of 15/30/75/110cd and 135/185cd
  • Base plate is protected by a disposable cover, and the appliances can quickly snap onto the base after the walls are painted
  • Strobes produce one (1) flash per second
  • “Special Applications” listed with Siemens panels
  • EZ Mount Universal Mounting Plate (Model ZB Series)  uses single plate for ceiling and wall mount installations
  • EZ Mount design  with separate base plate  provides ability to pre-wire the base and test the circuit wiring before the walls are covered
  • UL Listed &   ULC Listed, FM (#3028994) Approved;
    • CSFM Approved (Series ‘ZH’: #7125-0067:0248 –> Fire Alarm Devices For The Hearing Impaired)
    • CSFM Approved (Series ‘ZR’: #7125-0067:0252 –> Fire Alarm Devices For The Hearing Impaired)
  • ADA / NFPA compliant


Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 1.56 × 4.85 × 4.85 in

Lens Color







Data Sheet: Notification Appliances; ZH & ZR – Strobes, Horns, & Horn / Strobes
Data Sheet: Notification Appliances Mounting Options


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