Silent Knight SK-RELAY-6


Intelligent Six Relay Control Module

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The SK-RELAY-6 is an addressable relay module for use with Honeywell Silent Knight Series fire alarm control panels (FACPs). The SK-RELAY-6 has six Form C relays. It allows a Silent Knight FACP to switch discrete contacts by code command. If needed, you can disable a maximum of three unused modules on the SK-RELAY-6 board. No supervision is provided for the notification appliance circuit. The SK-RELAY-6 contacts can be used for virtually any normally open or normally closed application. Each SK-RELAY-6 is programmed with a unique signaling line circuit (SLC) loop address. When an event occurs that controls the SK-RELAY-6, the relay is triggered by the FACP.


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SK-RELAY-6 Addressable Six Relay Control Module
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