Silent Knight SKE-450


Voice Evacuation Panel 50 Watt

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  • 50 watts of output power on a 25 or 70.7 VRMS speaker circuit. The speaker circuit can be Class A or B. Provides maximum flexibility for new or retrofit jobs.
  • Downloadable Voice Messages via direct connect. If you need a different message download it from the SK website free of charge!
  • Digital Message Repeater -Built in to the SKE motherboard. No additional wiring to install makes setup fast and easy. Capable of storing three messages, messages one and two are built in messages of up to 30 seconds. Message three is field programmable and can be up to 45 seconds long.
  • Digital Signal Processor –Processes digital quality audio, generates tones and provides control functions.
  • Supervised Microphone -The built in supervised microphone provides system paging function and field message programming capability.
  • Dead Front Cabinet – Provides protection for users, prevents tampering with system electronics.
  • Dedicated relays-Built in form “C” relays for alarm and trouble increase flexibility and keeps installation cost down.
  • Two Inputs-One reverse polarity input and one supervised dry contact input provides maximum flexibility.
  • Built in system power is capable of operating the system and charging system backup batteries.
  • The SKE-ZN4 zone splitter provides four Class B or Class A output circuits (each loop can draw 50 watts, with maximum of 50 watts total for whole system). The SKEZN6 zone splitter provides six Class B or Class A output circuits (20 watts per circuit, with 50 watts max for the whole system). Both splitters provide paging by zone or all call.


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SKE-Series; Voice Evacuation System Model SKE-450; Model SKE-450-ZN4 / ZN6


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