Simplex 2080-9069


Maintenance Switch without Disconnect Indicator Lamp, Flush mount

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Releasing systems require maintenance disconnect switches and often require abort switches. These abort and maintenance switches are clearly labeled and combine easy operation with rugged construction for high integrity operation.


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Single-gang size; includes 3 position contact block housing with 1 contact block installed; disabled position opens connection to output and places a 16.2 kΩ resistor across the input circuit; resistor is removable if required for retrofit


Abort switches provide a manual Fire Suppression System release abort request:

  • Pushbutton momentary switch is mounted on a stainless steel single-gang plate
  • A protruding collar protects the switch from accidental contact (collar is removable if required)
  • Available flush or surface mount
  • Flush mounting requires standard single-gang box
  • Surface mounting includes a red mounting box
  • Models are available with internal 1.2 kΩ resistor for current limited operation

Maintenance switches provide a secure and visible disconnect means for servicing Fire Suppression System Releasing Appliance Circuits (RACs):

  • Maintained position keyswitch with key removable only in the normal position
  • Disabled position opens connection to output circuit and places a 16.2 kΩ resistor across the input circuit to initiate a supervisory condition at the host panel
  • Models with indicator lamp use a bright incandescent bulb with red lens, powered from separate 24 VDC
  • Available for flush or surface mount
  • Flush mounting requires a standard double-gang box for models with lamp or a standard single gang box for models without lamp.
  • Surface mount models includes a red mounting box
  • Models with lamp provided with a double gang stainless steel plate. Models without lamp provided with a single gang stainless steel plate.

Releasing System Peripherals: Fire Suppression System Abort Switches and Releasing Appliance Circuit (RAC) Maintenance Switches

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