Simplex 4090-9117


Addressable Power Isolator

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Under normal conditions, the 4090-9117 Addressable Power Isolator provides continuity between ports. In the event of a short circuit, or if requested from the FACU, the isolator opens a two-pole electronic switch, isolating both power circuit conductors.

Isolators power-up in isolation mode and are directed to connect by the FACU. If the output wiring is acceptable, the isolator connects to the rest of the circuit. If the output wiring is shorted, the isolator remains isolated.

The isolator reports to the FACU when it is in isolation mode and the extent of shorted wiring is available at the FACU by identifying noncommunicating device addresses. Isolators are assigned sequentially to low number addresses to expedite Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) power-up.

Refer to Installation Instructions 574-873 for additional information.

During system installation, earth faults frequently occur and extensive wiring disconnection is often required to find them. With the Addressable Power Isolator, you can quickly locate earth faults on fire alarm system power wiring to expedite repair.

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Dimensions 4.56 × 4.56 × 2.00 in

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  • Dual port, bi-directional power isolator
  • Compatible with 4007ES, 4010ES, and 4100ES, and 4100U Series fire alarm control units (FACUs)
  • You can use either port as an input or output. Ports are automatically separated when a power wiring short circuit or a low voltage condition occurs
  • You can activate isolation from the FACU for system diagnostics
  • Use with FACU system power, rated for up to 2 A at 32 VDC
  • Isolators communicate their location specific address and status, and accept control through IDNet communications
  • Fits into 4 in. square electrical box for convenient mounting where protection is required
  • A visible LED flashes to indicate communications. Optional covers are available that do not hinder LED visibility

4090-9117 Addressable Power Isolator with IDNet Communications Control


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