Simplex 4100-3103


Isolator Module for MAPNET II communications

Note: Compatible with MAPNET II Remote Isolators only

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Brand: Simplex Part #: 47890 Categories: , , , Manufacturer Part #: 4100-3103


The 4100/4120-0111 and 4100-3103 Quad Isolator Modules consist of two cards: a motherboard that mounts into either a CPU bay or an expansion bay and a daughter card that mount into the motherboard. The 4100/4120-0111 and 4100-3103 Quad Isolator Modules are not compatible with the IDNet Addressable Isolators. General capabilities of the isolator module include:

  • Monitors and controls up to four loops. The 4100/4120-0111 (MAPNET II) and 4100-3103 (MAPNET II or IDNet) modules allow you to segment the entire MAPNET II or IDNet channel into four loops (maximum). Segmenting the channel simplifies troubleshooting and allows other devices to continue operating if a short circuit condition occurs on the MAPNET II loop.
  • Class A or Class B operation. With Class A operation, if an open occurs on any loop, the isolator module energizes an internal relay that enables the “B” lines to carry the MAPNET II or IDNet signal. In Class B operation, the faulty loop disconnects and the other loops continue to operate.
  • Short circuit disconnection. The isolator module disconnects loops on which it senses a short. Loops that have shorts are continuously monitored and are automatically reconnected when the short condition clears.


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