Simplex 4100-6103


Dual Class A IDNAC Isolator (DCAI)

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Converts a single Class B IDNAC SLC input to two Class A or two Class B SLC outputs; provides short circuit isolation between each Class A or B output circuit; connect up to two DCAI Modules per IDNAC SLC input up to a maximum of 6 DCAI Modules per IDNAC SLC; each isolated output SLC used requires one IDNAC address; the total current remains controlled by the Class B input source SLC at 3 A maximum; each isolated loop supports up to 30 device addresses (note: up to 30 additional device addresses may be installed between each 4905-9929 TrueAlert Addressable Isolator+ Module, not to exceed the maximum address and unit loading specifications for the IDNAC channel)

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