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4100ES Master Controller Assembly with LCD and operator interface, 9 A EPS+ Enhanced Power Supply/battery charger with 250 point IDNet 1+ interface, 3 Class B IDNAC SLCs, RUI+ isolated output communications interface, and one output configurable for Auxiliary or simple NAC operation

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4100ES Series Fire Detection and Control Panels provide extensive installation, operator, and service features with point and module capacities suitable for a wide range of system applications. An on-board Ethernet port provides fast external system communications to expedite installation and service activity. Dedicated compact flash memory archiving provides secure on-site system information storage of electronic job configuration files to meet NFPA 72 (National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code) requirements.

Modular design. A wide variety of functional modules are available to meet specific system requirements. Selections allow panels to be configured for either Stand-Alone or Networked fire control operation.

Convenient Status Information. With the locking door closed, the glass window allows viewing of the display, status LEDs, and available operator switches. Features include a two-line by 40-character, wide viewing angle (super-twist) LCD with status LEDs and switches as shown in the illustration below.

LED indicators describe the general category of activity being displayed with the LCD providing more detail. For the authorized user, unlocking the door provides access to the control switches and allows further inquiry by scrolling the display for additional detail.

  • Convenient and extensive operator information is provided using a logical, menu-driven display
  • Multiple automatic and manual diagnostics for maintenance reduction
  • Alarm and Trouble History Logs (up to 1250 entries for each, 2500 total events) are available for viewing from the LCD, or capable of being printed to a connected printer, or downloaded to a service computer
  • Convenient PC programmer label editing
  • Password access control


Weight 1.00 lbs



Master Controller (top) bay standard equipment:

  • 32-Bit Master Controller with color-coded operator interface and raised switches for high confidence feedback
  • Dual configuration program CPU, convenient service port access, and capacity for up to 2500 addressable points
  • CPU assembly includes 2 GB dedicated compact flash memory for on-site system programming and information storage
  • An Enhanced Power Supply (EPS+) and battery charger (9 A total) with on-board IDNAC SLCs (signaling line circuit) for addressable appliance control, IDNet 1+ isolated addressable device control channel, and programmable function auxiliary output
  • Also available with InfoAlarm Command Center expanded content user interface (see data sheet S4100-0045)

Standard addressable device interfaces include:

  • IDNet 1+ 250 point addressable device SLC supports TrueAlarm analog sensors and IDNet communications monitoring and control devices, and operates with isolated output for use with either shielded or unshielded, twisted or untwisted single pair wiring
  • MINIPLEX Transponder and remote LCD and LED annunciator support via RUI+ (remote unit interface) communications port with isolated output for use with either shielded or unshielded, twisted or untwisted single pair wiring

Standard EPS+ power supplies provide enhanced power delivery IDNAC SLCs to addressable notification appliances:

  • With IDNAC SLCs, a constant 29 VRMS source voltage is maintained, even during battery standby, allowing strobes to operate at higher voltage with lower current and ensuring a consistent current draw and voltage drop margin under both primary power and secondary battery standby
  • Efficiencies include lower strobe currents, wiring distances up to 2 to 3 times farther than with conventional notification, support for more appliances per IDNAC SLC, ability to use smaller gauge wiring, all providing installation and maintenance savings with high assurance appliances that operate during normal system testing will operate during worst case alarm conditions
  • IDNAC SLCs are compatible with both TrueAlert ES and TrueAlert addressable notification appliances, and remote 4009 IDNAC Repeaters to extend power and wiring distance even farther

Optional modules and connections include:

  • Fire Alarm Network Interfaces, city connections, and up to five (5) RS-232 ports for printers and terminals
  • Building Network Interface Module (BNIC) for Ethernet connectivity options (see data sheet S4100-0061)
  • Side mounted DACT assembly requiring minimal panel space; DACT is compatible with IP Communicators
  • Emergency communications systems (ECS) equipment; 8 channel digital audio or 2 channel analog audio
  • Additional IDNet 1+ addressable device communications modules and IDNet+ quad output isolator modules; additional power supplies, alarm relays, and auxiliary relays
  • LED/switch modules and panel mount printers; VESDA Air Aspiration Systems interface, ASHRAE BACnet Interface, TCP/IP Bridges
  • Battery brackets for seismic area protection
  • 4100ES compatible legacy interface modules, including control of conventional (non-addressable) NACS 


4100ES Fire Control Panels: Addressable Fire Detection and Control Basic Panel Modules and Accessories


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