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TrueAlert Isolator Module

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IDNAC Addressable Notification SLCs (and legacy TrueAlert SLCs) are internally isolated from each other. In the event of a channel wiring short circuit, the channel will safely shut down and then monitor the wiring for restoration to normal when the short is repaired. However, within the branch and “T” tap wiring of an IDNAC channel, the use of 4905-9929 TrueAlert Isolator+ Modules can provide additional isolation that can reduce the quantity of TrueAlert addressable appliances impacted by a short circuit.

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  • Power and communications are supplied by Simplex 4100ES, 4010ES, and 4007ES fire alarm control panels equipped with power supplies that provide advanced addressable notification from IDNAC Signaling Line Circuits (SLCs), and from 4009 IDNAC Repeaters.
  • Operation is also compatible with legacy TrueAlert SLCs from TrueAlert Power Supplies (TPS) or TrueAlert Addressable Controllers (4009T).
  • The dual-port design accepts communications and power from either port and automatically isolates one port from the other when a short circuit occurs.
  • Mounts in standard 4″ (102 mm) square electrical box, 2 ⅛” (54 mm) deep.
  • UL listed to Standard 864.


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