Simplex 4906-5205


Loop Power, Sounder-Beacon, Indoor, Red with Mounting Box

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MX Loop Powered Sounder-Beacons use MX Technology communications for control and power. Indoor models are available in red or white. The outdoor model is in red. With these loop powered sounder-beacons, supervision is accomplished using MX loop communications and then they can be activated with the tone selection controlled from the MX Loop Module. Beacon flash rate is selected at the sounder-beacon using the MX 850EMT Engineering Management Tool


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Dimensions 4.25 × 4.25 × 3.78 in




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  • MX loop powered with internal isolator, separate voltage is not required
  • Listed to UL 464 for general signaling operation
  • Available for indoor mounting in red or white and for outdoor mounting in red
  • Indoor and outdoor sounder-beacons include a matching surface mount box with tamper resistant latch (release tool is supplied)
  • Selectable output volume of 90 dB or 103 dB
  • Sounders-Beacons on the same MX Loop are synchronized
  • Output sound patterns are selectable from the MX Loop Module to be: March Time (60 bpm); Slow March Time (20 bpm); or Continuous
  • LED beacon flash rate is selectable as either once per second (1 Hz) or once every 2 seconds (½ Hz)
  • Address and sounder-beacon selections are easily programmed with the MX 850EMT Engineering Management Tool


MX Technology Addressable Devices
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