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Photoelectric Smoke Detector with Thermal

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The System Sensor 2WTA-B is a 2-wire, photoelectric i3 smoke detector with a thermal sensor and a built-in sounder.

System Sensor i3 series smoke detectors represent a significant advancement in conventional detection. The i3 family is founded on three principles: installation ease, intelligence, and instant inspection. The i3 line redefines installation ease with its plug-in design. This allows an installer to pre-wire bases (included with heads). The large wire entry port and in-line terminals provide ample room for neatly routing the wiring inside the base. The base accommodates a variety of back box mounting methods as well as direct mounting with drywall anchors. To complete the installation, i3 heads plug into the base with a simple Stop-Drop ‘N Lock action.

i3 detectors offer a number of intelligent features to simplify testing and maintenance. Drift compensation and smoothing algorithms are standard with the i3 line to minimize nuisance alarms. 2-wire i3 detectors can generate a remote LED indicated maintenance signal when connected to the 2W-MOD2 loop test/maintenance module or a panel equipped with the i3 protocol. The SENS-RDR, a wireless device, displays the sensitivity of i3 detectors in terms of percent-per-foot obscuration.


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Dimensions 5.30 × 5.30 × 2.00 in


Detectable Medium

Heat, Smoke

Detection Method

Fixed Temperature, Photoelectric

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