System Sensor B200S-LF

Intelligent Low Frequency Sounder Base

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The B200S sounder base series is designed for new and existing dwelling unit applications. It offers maximum flexibility in installation, configuration, and operation to meet or exceed UL 268 and UL 464 requirements.

The sounder base “listens in” to the communication between the attached sensor head and the fire alarm control panel (FACP) to adopt the same address as the detector, but as a unique device type on the loop. The FACP can then use that address to command an individual sounder — or a group of sounders — to activate. The command set from the panel can be tailored to the specific event, allowing selection of volume, tone, and group. In addition, some FACPs will enable custom tone patterns.


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Dimensions 6.80 × 6.80 × 2.00 in



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Replacement: B200S-LF-IV

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