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Monitor Module

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The GSA-MM1 Monitor Module and GSA-WTM Waterflow/Tamper Module are part of Vigilant’s Signature Series system. They are intelligent analog addressable devices used to connect one or two Class B normally-open Alarm, Supervisory, or Monitor type dry contact Initiating Device Circuits (IDC). The function of the GSA-MM1 and GSA-WTM is determined by the factory loaded “personality code”. The input modules gather analog information from the initiating devices connected to them and convert it into digital signals. The module’s on-board microprocessor analyzes the signal and decides whether or not to input an alarm. The microprocessor in each module provides four additional benefits – Self-diagnostics and History Log, Automatic Device Mapping, Stand-alone Operation and Fast, Stable Communication.


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Input Modules GSA-MM1 & GSA-WTM
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