Viking 17357


Vertical Solenoid Operated Flow Control Valve; F/F (ANSI), 8″ (DN200)

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Brand: Viking Part #: 88169 Categories: , , Manufacturer Part #: 17357


The Viking Vertical Pilot Deluge System is a simple pilot control system that utilizes a straight through Model J-1 Flow Control Valve, operated with a solenoid valve. The flow control valve is a quick opening, differential diaphragm flood valve with a spring-loaded floating clapper. It is held closed by water pressure trapped in the priming chamber; keeping the outlet chamber and downstream piping dry. The solenoid valve is a normally closed control valve that energizes open upon receiving power applied to the solenoid coil. When the pilot control system operates, pressure is released from the priming chamber of the flow control valve. This opens the clapper to allow water to flow into the piping. The solenoid operated flow control valve can be remotely operated for on-off applications.




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Vertical Solenoid Operated Flow Control Valve
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